Bring The Cult To Justice In The Latest Far Cry 5 Trailer

There is no doubt that the latest entry in Ubisoft’s franchise series, Far Cry 5, is taking on some truly serious issues, including fundamentalism. The latest trailer shows just how bleak things can get when faced with a group of religious zealots set on “converting” everyone they come across.

Bring The Cult To Justice In The Latest Far Cry 5 Trailer

While most of the games have always had a bit of a crazy streak running through their games, Far Cry 5 seems to be taking things a bit more seriously when it comes to its narrative.

Eden’s Gate is a cult that has taken over Hope County thanks to their charismatic (and violent) leader called Joseph Seed who believes himself to be the new messiah. Of course, he believes that he is the only way to salvation and that those that don’t except this need to face a righteous end. The new trailer shows just how genuinely scary this leader is and how bleak things have become under his “guidance”.

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It’s great to see the Far Cry franchise taking on some more serious issues, although we’ll most probably still be clearing out enemy camps and scaling radio towers, which, to be honest, is still loads of fun.

The game’s DLC content, however, will be veering off that path quite drastically as you will be travelling back in time, fighting zombies and find yourself lost on Mars. As stated by Ubisoft, the new DLC is designed to “take players on three uncanny adventures with a unique Far Cry twist”.

It seems Ubisoft will be mixing the weird and wonderful with the serious and more down to earth. But will this combination work?

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