Bring GTA V to PC: Online Petition

Written by has once again played host to an online petition, this time for Rockstar Game’s GTA V. The petition is based on having the game ported to PC, and already started toward the end of last year, when news first broke of the intention for a console-only game. The goal was set at 500,000 signatures to bring before Rockstar management. Over the first few months, the signatures meandered toward its intended goal, which has now increased dramatically as the days grew closer to the game’s release, and even more so after its been making gaming news headlines around the world.

In all honesty, while this may be a worthy cause, one has to take a closer look at Rockstar’s supposed motives. Judging by the previous two releases in the franchise, the PC version is only set for release a few months after the company had cashed in sufficiently on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. In the case of GTA IV, PC gamers had to wait an entire eight months before the eventual release, something I’m sure many are hoping to avoid.

While the signatures may showcase the level of support for the game on PC, it may not be enough to have Rockstar release the port overnight. It doesn’t hurt, though, to try. Add your signature on

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