Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Those who have seen Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel on the set of Infinity War (possibly a post-credit scene) will probably be surprised by the colours of the suit. The iconic red, blue and gold have been replaced with a green and silver colour scheme. As it turns out, the green suit is most probably Carol Danvers‘ first costume and points to her Kree-based origins. It’s most likely that we’ll see a red, blue, and gold suit at the end of her own solo film though. Still, impatient fans made their disproval known.

In the comics, Captain Marvel doesn’t start off her journey with the classic suit either. It wasn’t until her 2012 comic series, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy, that she made the switch to the iconic look. Before that moment, Carol Danvers was known as Ms. Marvel and only changed her name and look when Captain America convinced her to take over Mar-Vell’s legacy after he died.

Knowing that Captain Marvel is set during the early ’90s, it’s safe to assume that she might get a new look later on, most likely by Avengers 4. Maybe Tony Stark has a hand in updating her suit too?

Of course, none of this has stopped angry fans from sharing their “fixed” and “photoshopped” looks of the suit:

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  1. Not gonna do it. I see what the warsies are doing and I want none of it. I’ve come to accept that the movies will never mean the same to me as the comics and I’m just gonna move on without wasting time watching another “marvel characters in name only” movie. I’m a comic book reader. I should have always expected the shift in medium to murder anything I liked about the idea of making movies and now that it’s been confirmed, why bother?

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