Is Bradley Cooper Set To Play Vince McMahon

Guardians Of The Galaxy star Bradley Cooper is currently in talks to play WWE’s Vince McMahon in a biopic tentatively titled Pandemonium, a TriStar and WWE Studios film.

PW Insider recently confirmed that an offer was made several weeks ago to the 42-year-old Academy Award nominee’s representatives for the lead role as McMahon, the manic CEO of WWE. Earlier this year, details arose of scripts that detailed a highly fictionalised account of the eccentric billionaire’s life floating around Hollywood. It seems it might actually become a real thing.

Pandemonium‘s script is written by Craig A. Williams with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa attached to direct. Adam Goldwin of Aperture Entertainment is also said to be attached as a producer.

If you squint really hard, Cooper might pass for a young Vince McMahon. It remains to be seen as to whether he wants to take the role or not.

Is Bradley Cooper Set To Play Vince McMahon

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