Borderlands New Tech Demo Is Absolutely Gorgeous

If you are a Borderlands fan, you have probably been waiting anxiously for Gearbox to announced the latest instalment in the series. It would seem that we are one step closer to it becoming a reality.

Borderlands New Tech Demo Is Absolutely Gorgeous

During a Game Developers Conference panel (GDC), the founder and CEO of Gearbox Entertainment, Randy Pitchford, gave us a sneak peak at what a new Borderlands game could potentially look like. He showed off some of the techniques that could be implemented in future games, including a new Borderlands. The tech demo ran in UnrealEngine 4 and, as expected, it looks truly amazing. Pitchford focused a lot of attention to the various ways in which light affects the “cross-hatch” pattern we’ve come to love in the games. However, he made it clear during the presentation that this was merely a tech demo and not the actual game. The presentation showed how physics and light sources affect both characters and objects in the environment.

Keep in mind that Pitchford never clearly states that this tech demo forms part of the development of Borderlands 3, but aesthetically it is quite clear that the team is hard at work on the next instalment of the franchise.

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