Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 - Comic Book Review

Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 – Comic Book Review

It’s time to return to the so-called Kelvin Timeline of Star Trek in this new comic book series, set several months after the events of Star Trek Beyond. But can
By Rick Austin on 25 Oct 2016

Star Trek Episode #12 Motion Book Review

Motion books producer, Madefire, have entered into an agreement with IDW, the distributors of Star Trek comics, as well as several other publishers, to produce moving, subtly animated versions of
By Guest on 14 Nov 2013

Star Trek: Khan #1 Review

I’m a shameless trekkie and a rabid Cumberbatch fan – should I really be reviewing this comic book, Star Trek: Khan #1? Well yes, because comics and graphic art will
By Guest on 29 Oct 2013