Starburn #2 Review

A few months ago I reviewed the first issue of Starburn, an intergalactic action adventure comic that centres around the crew of the most advanced spaceship in the universe. The
By Byron Hendricks on 27 May 2015

Snarl Review

Snarl is a one-shot comic that follows Detective Bevil as he encounters a homicide like no other. It seems that someone or something is using a nature reserve as hunting
By Byron Hendricks on 15 Apr 2015

Starburn #1 Review

Starburn is an intergalactic action adventure written by Kelly Bender and backed up by some great visuals, thanks to Brian Bolondo. This comic follows the daily lives of the crew
By Byron Hendricks on 06 Aug 2014

Dark Dreams Dark Magic Review

Aghori Shavite has a great concept here called the Aghoriverse. This unique universe features some twisted souls and this issue is an alternative representation of the Aghoriverse presented to you
By Byron Hendricks on 22 May 2014

Convoy of Corpses Review

Kelly Bender gives us a detailed account of the war torn world that Afghanistan has become in this 27 page One Shot comic. When it comes to the war in
By Byron Hendricks on 03 Dec 2013