Time Warriors #1 Review

In Time Warriors, you live to learn from your death. How is this possible? Well, government tactical espionage has been taken to the next level as the military is now
By Byron Hendricks on 20 May 2015

Wynter #4: Review

“Originality” is the first word that pops through my mind when reading through New Worlds Comics’ Wynter #4. Ironically whilst this issue is dealing largely with DNA copies of individuals,
By Byron Hendricks on 23 Jan 2015

Wynter #3 Review

Wynter picks up the pace in the third issue, with Liz being hunted by an agent with more advanced apps and A.I. than her own. With an Agent tapping into
By Byron Hendricks on 03 Aug 2014

Wynter #2 Review

Wynter #1 was a bigger hit that New Worlds Comics could ever expect. Its success has been so great that some companies have even enquired about it becoming a TV
By Byron Hendricks on 08 May 2014

Goof #2 Review

Last month we reviewed Goof #1, a comedy title that featured Captain Gorgeous. A valiant fight plagued by problems, most of which come as a result of him being… himself.
By Byron Hendricks on 01 Apr 2014

Wynter #1 Review

Humanity has spread across the galaxies. Whilst people are living on different planets one individual is questioning life as we know it, that individual is Liz Winter. Liz Wynter lives
By Byron Hendricks on 04 Mar 2014

Goof #1 Review

Goof tells the tale of a nerdy guy named Nick who has been given a skill set that is superior to Superman… the only problem is that he is not
By Byron Hendricks on 04 Mar 2014