X #23 Review

Arcadia has been destroyed, but its protector has not given up hope. The city has become lawless and X makes it known that he is present in Arcadia and that
By Byron Hendricks on 24 Mar 2015

X #15 Review

The violent vigilante known as X finds himself in the crossfire caught between a war of the underworlds most dangerous men. But with a new gang known as “The Chosen”
By Byron Hendricks on 08 Jul 2014

IDW Judge Dredd #13 Review

This week sees Mega City-1 fall victim to a retro-virus, a virus that has changed areas of the city into its 1947 counterpart; birthing an all new noir Dredd adventure!
By Byron Hendricks on 03 Dec 2013

Judge Dredd #10 Review

What happens when Dredd and a precog named Dann come into combat will mutants that look like they walked straight off the set of The Hills Have Eyes? Judge Dredd
By Byron Hendricks on 22 Aug 2013