Titans #4 – Comic Book Review

You’ve got to feel sorry for Linda Park. In another reality, a better one, she was happily married to Wally West – one of the people to have held the
By Rick Austin on 03 Nov 2016

Titans #3 – Comic Book Review

With the villainous time-travelling techno-wizard Kadabra still carving up the Titans and Keystone City, times are tough for our heroes. In the aftermath of the Titans barely managing a stalemate
By Rick Austin on 05 Oct 2016

Aquaman #6 – Comic Book Review

After an issue which was nothing more than an extended fight scene, the follow-up, Aquaman #6, is… another extended fight scene. It feels like more filler, albeit decent, logical filler
By Rick Austin on 14 Sep 2016

Titans #1 – Comic Book Review

Of all the newly-rebirthed series from DC, Titans #1 perhaps has the most to live up to. It’s a team book, but the core success of the Titans over the
By Rick Austin on 04 Aug 2016