The Terrorizers: A Matt Helm Novel Review

Despite its modern cover and appearance, this release (The Terrorizers) from Titan Books is actually a reissuing of the 18th entry in the long running Matt Helm spy series, with
By Daniel Rom on 11 Jan 2016

The Art and Making of Hannibal Review

There are many reasons to love NBC’s critically lauded series, Hannibal, an elegant and deliciously haunting psychological thriller. One of the primary elements that distinguishes it from everything else on
By Jarrod Saunders on 15 Jun 2015

Dave vs. The Monsters: Emergence Review

In recent years, it began with the urban fantasy romance novel. Young girl meets vampire/werewolf/zombie/ghost, and they fall in love. Then it moved on to the more masculine response. Young
By Daniel Rom on 10 Jun 2015

Alien: Resurrection – The Novelisation Review

Movie novelizations are generally designed primarily to be enjoyed by fans of the film in question. However, Alien Resurrection was my least favourite of all the Alien franchise and I
By Daniel Rom on 07 Jun 2015