The Sand Men Review

The Sand Men is the new novel by veteran thriller writer Christopher Fowler, and it certainly doesn’t do any favours for the Dubai tourist board. The city itself and its
By Daniel Rom on 02 Oct 2015

Hive Monkey Review

I had every intention of reading Ack Ack Macaque when it was first released. Somehow, whilst navigating the expanding ocean that is my reading-list, it got lost in the wake.
By Guest on 18 Nov 2013

The Eidolon Review

Having slogged through quite a few mediocre books recently, it was a welcome relief to pick up something that grabbed your attention from the very first page and hardly let
By Guest on 26 Oct 2013

Dream London Review

When I first saw the title for this book, my heart skipped a beat. ‘Dream London’, what a brilliant idea! I’m a rabid Anglophile as well as a huge Science-Fiction/Fantasy
By Guest on 07 Oct 2013