Apocalypse Now Now Review

Cape Town based writer Charlie Human paints a fairly graphic and very diabolical picture in his debut novel Apocalypse Now Now, a school-yard set book which takes readers into the
By Guest on 23 Oct 2013

The Shining Girls Review (2nd Opinion)

When the prey becomes the hunter, I’m always a happy reader. I love a good book where the would-be victim decides “screw this” and that she isn’t going to play
By Guest on 04 Sep 2013

The Shining Girls Review

The Shining Girls is a neatly-packaged story, which follows the rules of the game. The upshot of this is the clear and concise storytelling which does not bog you down
By Claudia Hauter on 09 Jul 2013

Idees Vol Vrees Volume 2 Review

Kobus Galloway, owner of Komedie Media CC, has created quite a stir with his Idees Vol Vrees comics. His first volume was a huge hit, especially with the Afrikaans market,
By Guest on 15 Oct 2012

The Long Earth

Two renowned British authors, one in the realm of comic fantasy, and the other in the field of hard science fiction have come together to create a novel not only
By Daniel Rom on 20 Aug 2012