Pale Dark #3 Review

Subject K has escaped from the Pale Man and is on the run to Earth along with Spez, who is not as looney as he once seemed. The answers are
By Byron Hendricks on 21 Sep 2015

Tether #2 Review

Alina and Velang are back in Tether #2. The duo of female warriors are tossed into the arena once more as they face a beast known as the Maera. Meanwhile
By Byron Hendricks on 03 Mar 2015

Empress #2 Review

The search for Zia continues in Empress #2. While Private Investigator Niles Lance sets sail towards finding Zia, the reader is given a chance to venture into a little bit
By Byron Hendricks on 12 Oct 2014

Pale Dark #2 Review

Subject K picks up the pace with an issue that remains shrouded in a mystery of colossal proportions. Whilst Subject K’s blood is turning out as being compatible for the
By Byron Hendricks on 14 Aug 2014

Bang Bang Lucita #1 Review

Bang Bang Lucita is a Western that follows the story of Lucita, a Mexican emigrant who has come to Harrisburg seeking greener pastures in the land of opportunity. Being a
By Byron Hendricks on 11 Aug 2014

Empress #1 Review

Empress is a detective type comic that debuts with a shroud of mystery. The story opens with the hiring of a young, brash Private Detective as he attempts Zia. She
By Byron Hendricks on 26 Jun 2014

Tether #1 Review

Tether is an all new Sci-Fi action title that is aimed at the mature reader. The Imperium is the last city on a barren planet. It is run by Emperor
By Byron Hendricks on 04 Jun 2014

Pale Dark #1 Review

Chuck Amadori places the reader in the middle of a situation like no other; imagine waking up in an interrogation room and being toyed with like a lab rat whilst
By Byron Hendricks on 06 Dec 2013