Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 - Comic Book Review

Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 – Comic Book Review

It’s time to return to the so-called Kelvin Timeline of Star Trek in this new comic book series, set several months after the events of Star Trek Beyond. But can
By Rick Austin on 25 Oct 2016

Judge Dredd #2 Review

Judge Dredd finds himself in the lawless city of Mega-City Zero. Will Dredd be able to live in a lawless city and let crime pass by? We all know the
By Byron Hendricks on 21 Jan 2016

Angry Birds #1 Review

2016 sees a new beginning for IDW’s Angry Birds comic franchise. With the movie releasing this year, it would seem that the Angry Birds franchise is looking to catapult its
By Byron Hendricks on 05 Jan 2016

TMNT Ongoing #52 Review

With Master Splinter in charge of the Foot Clan, all is not well as some of Shredder’s disciples refuse to follow under a new ruler in TMNT Ongoing. While Alopex
By Byron Hendricks on 25 Nov 2015

Danger Girl Renegade #1 Review

Abbey Chase returns as IDW presents Danger Girl Renegade. She may seem like an archaeologist with a taste for adventure, but she is a Danger Girl – a super spy
By Byron Hendricks on 02 Sep 2015

Joe Frankenstein #4 Review

After the non-stop action of issue 3, Dixon and Nolan set themselves an unenviable task of having to top it and close the final chapter of Joe Frankenstein. Yet, somehow,
By Sergio Pereira on 06 Jul 2015

TMNT Ongoing #46 Review

After the recent events of Donatello-gate, which shook the comic book world to the core, TMNT has slowed down ever so slightly. The weapons have been put down as the
By Sergio Pereira on 07 Jun 2015

Donald Duck #1 Review

In what can only be described as a massive coup, IDW Publishing secured the rights to bring classic Disney characters to its readers. It kicked off the Disney party with
By Sergio Pereira on 19 May 2015