KISS #2 – Comic Book Review

If there’s any complaint about KISS #2, it’s a strangely complimentary one: you wish it were longer. In fact, straight after reading this I went back and re-read the first
By Rick Austin on 21 Nov 2016

KISS #1 – Comic Book Review

The rock band KISS have had a long history with comic books. Starring in them, they’ve hung out with Howard the Duck, the X-Men, Archie Andrews and more. Outside of
By Rick Austin on 25 Oct 2016

Voltron From the Ashes #5 Review

It has been hundreds of years since the decommissioning of Voltron. The Galaxy has been free of any threat and peace has prevailed. All this changes, thanks to the arrival
By Byron Hendricks on 04 Feb 2016

Red Sonja #1 Review

Dynamite starts off 2016 with a well-known heroine getting an all-new series and look. Red Sonja #1 starts in January 2016. This latest offering follows Red Sonja as she deals
By Byron Hendricks on 11 Jan 2016

Aliens/Vampirella #4 Review

This crossover sees Vampirella go head-to-head with the infamous Xenomorphs. There will be blood and lots of it! Humans have left Earth and started to colonise Mars. Unknown to them,
By Byron Hendricks on 03 Dec 2015

Vampirella 1969 Anniversary Comic Review

Vampirella gets star treatment this month as she celebrates her comic debut anniversary in style. This special over-sized issue is made up of a few short stories, each having a
By Byron Hendricks on 18 Nov 2015

Pathfinder #7 Review

Something strange is happening at Sandpoint, Valeros and the rest of the team set out to discover the truth behind this beast that is terrorising the locals. A new story
By Byron Hendricks on 26 Jan 2014