Dream Gang – Comic Book Review

“To stop a psychic bomb that threatens to render all of humanity catatonic, the last Dream Voyager awakens! When the evil Zeirio goes on a rampage throughout the Dreamworlds, it’s
By Sergio Pereira on 02 May 2016

Predator Life and Death #1 Review

The Xenoverse is expanded yet again. Following the events of the successful Fire and Stone arc, Life and Death tells the story of a group of Colonial Marines who have
By Byron Hendricks on 15 Feb 2016

Mystery Girl #2 Review

Mystery Girl follows Trine, a young woman with the ability to know the answer to everyone’s mysteries. Somehow her power/ability is knowing it all. However, she can’t solve the mystery
By Byron Hendricks on 07 Jan 2016

Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 Review

An all-new story set in the immersive dark-fantasy world of video game developer BioWare’s Dragon Age! Taking place before the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Marius and Tessa become Magekillers
By Cindy Harley on 18 Dec 2015

Fight Club 2 #2 Review

The strangeness has been comfortably turned up a notch in Fight Club 2 #2. After Sebastian and Marla’s house burns down – and their son is presumed dead – the
By Sergio Pereira on 20 Jun 2015

Midnight Society #1 Review

How can you dislike a book that features the phrase “pixie scat” in the first few pages? Admit it. You can’t. From the opening scene, it’s clear the world of
By Claudia Ferreira on 10 Jun 2015

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians Review

For a primarily visual medium, it’s surprisingly rare to find examples of truly excellent sequential storytelling that stands on its own. Many artists – including a good few big name
By Claudia Ferreira on 02 Jun 2015

Archie vs The Predator #2 Review

Something followed Archie and the gang home; a threat unlike any other… the ultimate hunter… The Predator. Prepare for more over the top violence as this comic makes readers cringe
By Byron Hendricks on 15 May 2015