Alt Control Delete #1.1 Review

Black Mask Studios’ Alt Control Delete throws you straight into the action from the very first issue. Although it is only 13 pages long, it manages to draw your attention
By Byron Hendricks on 10 Jun 2015

Critical Hit #4 Review

This series is truly a hit. This is the final issue and it wraps up the horror that these two protagonists have been put through as a result of their
By Byron Hendricks on 18 Feb 2015
Pirouette #2-Header

Pirouette #2: Review

A few weeks ago I grabbed a look at Black Mask’s Pirouette issue one, I had been meaning to review this psychological horror title but somehow I was clowning around
By Byron Hendricks on 03 Dec 2014

Critical Hit #1 Review

Critical Hit #1 one tells the story of a group of friends that have one sole purpose; to protect animals from hunters. They are not your traditional animal rights activists,
By Byron Hendricks on 06 Oct 2014