RoboChuck #2 Review

RoboChuck pits cartoon types against one another in a battle of survival. The Flat-toon residents of Flatville are being flushed out thanks to the emergence of the CG toons. Going
By Byron Hendricks on 22 May 2014

The Absence Review

The Absence graphic novel has received a large amount of nominations and praise as it collects a series of self-published issues that spans across a number of years, five to
By Byron Hendricks on 07 May 2014

Double Jumpers Vol. 1 Review

Action Lab comics has released Double Jumpers Vol. 1, a story about a group of video game programmers and testers that manage to get themselves stuck in the game that
By Byron Hendricks on 28 Apr 2014

The Bunker #2 Review

What started out last year as a digital comic release has finally made it as a print comic. It has also been finished in colour this time around. Joshua Failkov
By Byron Hendricks on 01 Apr 2014

Blackout #1 Review

Meet Blackout, a superhero that is able to use an advanced suit in order to slip through parallel dimensions. The only problem is that this suit comes without a manual
By Byron Hendricks on 25 Mar 2014

The White Suits #1 Review

Dark Horse presents a hyper violent noir-style comic with visuals that will leave you amazed by the fact that less colour can bring out so much more, especially the gore!
By Byron Hendricks on 22 Feb 2014

Suicide Risk Vol. 1 Review

Mike Carey has been in the industry for quite some time now. Known for his work on X-Men, this Eisner Award-Nominee has brought his first original ongoing series to life
By Byron Hendricks on 12 Feb 2014

Clown Fatale #4 Review

This week I decided to pick up a fresh title which happened to be finale issue in the arc. The book I decided to read was none other than Clown
By Byron Hendricks on 11 Feb 2014

Juice Squeezers #2 Review

Imagine a town plagued by an intelligent oversized insect. It is up to a group of tweens to save the town they live in without exposing the bugging truth. Welcome
By Byron Hendricks on 11 Feb 2014

Archer and Armstrong #0 Review

Valiant is just simply amazing. They produce great titles that are easy to follow and cross over with one another so easily. This #0 gives us an extended flashback that
By Byron Hendricks on 05 Feb 2014