Forever Evil #1 Review

The time has arrived. The DC Universe is at the mercy of its villains as Forever Evil tees off with an engaging first issue. Forever Evil takes place after the
By Byron Hendricks on 10 Sep 2013

Man of Steel Novelization Review

I disdain, or thought I disdained, film novelizations. Why read a book based on a movie…what a cash-in. While I stand by these sentiments I have to admit ‘Man of
By Neilan Adams on 25 Jul 2013

Batman/Superman #1 Review

This week saw the New 52 launching what seems to be a very promising origins title; Batman/Superman #1 – no we do not see the origins of the respective characters,
By Byron Hendricks on 10 Jul 2013

Batman: Noël

Lee Bermejo takes on the dual role of writer and artist for the first time in this classic adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’. The villainous and
By Neilan Adams on 26 Mar 2013