Shipstar: Review

Both Gregory Benford and Larry Niven are some of the finest minds in current hard-sci-fi, and this latest collaborative novel is demonstrative of all that makes them fine writers and
By Daniel Rom on 16 Feb 2015

Resistance Review

In a world filled with constant examinations, re-examinations and re-interpretations of what it means to be a superhero and what the role of a superhero is, it might seem very
By Daniel Rom on 29 Jul 2014

Koko Takes a Holiday Review

Koko Takes a Holiday (KTAH) is a wonderfully dark yet humorous depiction of the future, showing more in common with The Fifth Element and Transmetropolitan than anything else. With a
By Daniel Rom on 29 Jul 2014

The Eidolon Review

Having slogged through quite a few mediocre books recently, it was a welcome relief to pick up something that grabbed your attention from the very first page and hardly let
By Guest on 26 Oct 2013

Apocalypse Now Now Review

Cape Town based writer Charlie Human paints a fairly graphic and very diabolical picture in his debut novel Apocalypse Now Now, a school-yard set book which takes readers into the
By Guest on 23 Oct 2013

Man of Steel Novelization Review

I disdain, or thought I disdained, film novelizations. Why read a book based on a movie…what a cash-in. While I stand by these sentiments I have to admit ‘Man of
By Neilan Adams on 25 Jul 2013

Star Wars – Book of Sith Review

The Book of Sith is essentially the “Mein Kampf meets the Old Testament” of the Star Wars Universe. The book is a collection of ancient religious and scientific texts collected
By Kyle St John Peters on 22 Apr 2013

The Passengers

The very first page of the very first issue of The Passengers seems to already define it as a concept: Two quotes, hinting at the dark concepts and themes that
By Daniel Rom on 01 Jul 2012

Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide Review

With Lucas’ epic story of “the galaxy far, far away” complete, fans of the original movies (Episodes IV-VI) and its prequels (Episodes I-III) can enhance their collection with Star Wars:
By Jarrod Saunders on 19 Jun 2012