Alien: Resurrection – The Novelisation Review

Movie novelizations are generally designed primarily to be enjoyed by fans of the film in question. However, Alien Resurrection was my least favourite of all the Alien franchise and I
By Daniel Rom on 07 Jun 2015

The Hellbound Heart Review

I tend to be a little strange when it comes to books. When I want to purchase a book my mind will instantly tell me if I should import or
By Graham van der Made on 04 Sep 2014

Don’t Steal From the Devil Review

The short story format of Horror novellas is one of the most challenging to write, and the Horror genre itself in print is one of the most difficult to get
By Daniel Rom on 21 Apr 2014

Apocalypse Now Now Review

Cape Town based writer Charlie Human paints a fairly graphic and very diabolical picture in his debut novel Apocalypse Now Now, a school-yard set book which takes readers into the
By Guest on 23 Oct 2013