TMNT Ongoing #44 Review

What the heck just happened? You will be left in shock and awe as this issue leaves you emotional after the events that transpire. Without spoiling too much, the war
By Byron Hendricks on 09 Apr 2015
TMNT Ongoing #42-Header

TMNT Ongoing #42: Review

The attack on the Technodrome has commenced. Shredder and The Turtles attack the Krang head on. It’s unknown to Master Splinter that Shredder has become their ally. But all is
By Byron Hendricks on 02 Feb 2015

TMNT Ongoing #41: Review

From the get go, TMNT Ongoing #41 continues to impress the reader. The Krang need to be stopped as the General is close to ruling the Earth. The only problem
By Byron Hendricks on 17 Dec 2014