The Walking Dead #148 Review

Lose your followers and you have lost it all. This is a reality that Rick is facing in The Walking Dead #148 as the people of Alexandria put his leadership
By Byron Hendricks on 20 Nov 2015

The Walking Dead #145 Review

Following a killing spree, this issue shows our group of survivors as they prepare for the tough times that lay ahead whilst coming to terms with the deaths. There is
By Byron Hendricks on 24 Aug 2015

The Walking Dead #119 Review

It would seem that Rick has the upper hand in this, “All Out War.” But upon returning to the camp Rick learns that all is not as it seems. The
By Byron Hendricks on 26 Jan 2014

The Walking Dead #118 Review

Thanks to Holly, Rick has had to put a new plan together; a plan that has divided his forces and left chances for opportunists. But this will not happen, not
By Byron Hendricks on 19 Dec 2013

The Walking Dead #116 Review

“All Out War” is exactly what the 116th issue of The Walking Dead offers. Prepare for lots of action. The war continues. Neegan and Rick have failed to reach an
By Byron Hendricks on 19 Nov 2013

The Walking Dead #113 Review

There is only one word that can describe The Walking Dead #113 and it is “suspense”. After the events of #112 readers where left thinking, “Oh crap!” Well this issue
By Byron Hendricks on 15 Aug 2013