Ninjak #7 Review

Has Ninjak finally met his match? The Shadow Wars continue and our protagonist finds himself facing an enemy that has moulded and forged her very being in order to become
By Byron Hendricks on 11 Sep 2015

Ninjak #3 Review

24. That’s what issue 3 of Ninjak feels like. Well, 24 starring Michael Dudikoff. Picking up where the last issue left, Ninjak drugged Kannon so that he could infiltrate Weaponeer’s
By Sergio Pereira on 18 May 2015

Ninjak #1 Review

Finally, Ninjak has been given his long awaited solo run. He is a ninja unlike any of those before him. Colin King is a blend of Bruce Wayne and James
By Byron Hendricks on 24 Mar 2015