Pages: 48 pp
ISBN: 978-1-56163-734-8

Storyline: C

Artwork: C

Before you think this is another book capitalizing on the zombie trend, it’s not. Zombillenium is an amusement park filled with entertaining staff members that are monsters.

The story follows two main characters, a goth witch named Gretchen and the newest staff recruit Aurelian Zahner. He is an unfortunate victim of circumstances and, in an attempt to save him, is bit by a vampire named Francis von Bloodt, then by a werewolf (as he believes that there was a need for more werewolves). As a result, Aurelian is a hybrid with a demonically uncontrollable temper that is tasked with the worst job at the park – working at the candy floss stand.

Zombillenium Vol 1 Gretchen review

We get to see a very human side to these supernatural staff members. They seem like real people with real problems. Theres is a mummy (Aton) longing to go home to Cairo, a skeleton (Sirius) talking about his unfair execution, a werewolf (Andrew) fighting a union trying to shut the park down, Aurelian a hybrid filled with enough potential to be what the park needs and Michael Jackson who just wants to entertain the patrons with his music.

Gretchen takes the lead in this first book and we get to see who she is and how she made her way to Zombillenium. Although she seems to be at the center of events throughout this comic, she is the typical character with the nonchalant attitude. Gretchen does not entertain the reader as well as the writer had hoped. Instead, Aurelian’s mishaps are far more entertaining.

Zombillenium Vol 1 Gretchen comic book review

The minute you open the book one word pops to mind – French! And yes, Zombillenium is an English adaptation of an Arthur de Pins work. Prepare for oversized noses and pastel colours! The drawing style is typical of an animator and gives you an Adobe InDesign feel throughout the read. Unfortunately, this leaves the reader feeling as though they are reading one of those comics made from the stills of an animation.

If you are thinking Hotel Transylvania, it’s not. It is definitely geared towards teenage readers, as it contains censored cursing (“fkn’ell”, “dumb-ass”) and a suggested sex scene. Zombillenium seems like a gag comic, with the main objective being to entertain through humor and innuendos.

Zombillenium Vol 1 Gretchen comic

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