Storyline: C-

Artwork: C

It is a St. Patrick’s Day special brought to you by Zenescope. Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders is a single issue comic comprising of four short stories.


Each story focuses on the subject matter at hand… zombies and cheerleaders… and it tends to end in somewhat violent way. Unfortunately, each short story is far too short and they end before you can even get the chance to enjoy them.

The first story tells a tale of a few cheerleaders trapped in a convenience story by a little girl scout. All is not as it seems as the Girl Scout is no ordinary being and she has zombies to prove that. Each story shows some violence, but this opening story definitely shows the most. However, it fails to be clever and offers a rather silly conclusion to the situation at hand.

The second story focuses on two girls dressed up as cheerleaders as they head to a party in order to get drunk and loose. Along the way, they seem to get lost. Without anyone else on the road, they decide to jump a fence and follow some lights in the distance – a decision that will change their lives forever.

The third story tells the tale of Jessamine as she takes on a zombie horde armed with her latest inventions – the pompoms. Set a few centuries back, Jassemine seems like the girl everyone would want to know, thanks to her assets. Yes, Zenescope are back to their ways of the art in this story; Jessamine is so top heavy you might think the “Pompoms” refer to something else on her person. This is a short and rather pointless story as Jessamine goes about vapourising zombies with her new inventions.

cheerleaders vs zombies

The final story is called “Role Play” and it is exactly that. A young couple is about to get their freak on. The women dresses up like a cheerleader so her lover can pretend that he is a zombie attacking her before he has his way with her. This story is rather explicit as the sexual encounter is quite apparent. But all is not what it seems here too as there is a little more than the roles at play.

The art changes with each story. None of the stories art really strikes me, but if I had to choose which looked best, it would have to be “The Peculiar tale of Jessamine”. The art here was highly detailed and became cartoon-like when it needed to be. Even though, Jessamine was a top heavy nothing seemed over the top at all. The first two stories seemed too cartoony, taking away the serious nature of the gore and any feelings of horror. The last story was presented with a touch of realism this suited the subject matter but it is definitely not art that has been engraved into the crevices of my mind. The colours are light so you cannot help but feel this is a comedy horror that is on offer.

The only thing scary about this issue is that it was released on St. Patrick’s Day and only one of the stories deal with the subject of alcohol. There is plenty of green and lively color on display, but this does not work well on the subject of zombies at all. Cheer Leaders vs. Aliens could have worked with this color scheme. Instead, this comedy/horror was neither funny nor scary at all. So much potential squandered with this one.


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