Storyline: A

Artwork: A

The Trill revolution has begun as he attempts to rule the Vine and lead them to war against humans, starting with Aric’s people and their new found homeland.


This issue opens in the heat of the moment as Ninjak and Aric find themselves on yet another mission. Aric finds himself surrounded by humans that have decided to side with the Vine (defectors in his eyes and these defectors believe in Trill). A leader within the Vine species who desires to break the temporary truce between humans and the vine, he wants the X-O Armour as he and his followers believe that he is the rightful heir to the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. All hell breaks loose and blood is shed as X-O Manowar and Ninjak find themselves in the middle of a revolution, one that looks at framing the two of them for multiple murders.

This issue is well written and we get to see just how far some members of the Vine are willing to go in order to get Trill to be elected leader of their people. This issue also shows just how dangerous Trill’s influence is. His followers waste no time shedding blood in his name, whether it be the people of Dacia or even their own!

The art in this issue is great and this is what we have come to expect of this title. Aric’s armour does look a little bit different this time round – the panelling looks different and his body proportions seem a lot slimmer. Ninjak also looks slightly different, but no major changes in terms of his original design and character proportions. The colouring works well, especially when it showcases the powers of the alien technology. Everything is highly detailed, from character faces and expressions to the different realms that the story takes place in.

This is an enjoyable read that sets up for the war in the next arc of the X-O Manowar series. By the end of this issue, our heroes find themselves face to face with dangerous enemies as the Vine and Earth look to go to war.


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