Storyline: B+

Artwork: A+

The Armour Hunters have arrived, Aric and his X-O Armour are no longer safe. In fact, Aric has moved from being the most wanted man on Earth to becoming the most wanted in the galaxy! This issue introduces two mercenaries that have been recruited in order to retrieve the most wanted weapon in the universe. They recall their first encounter with armour like Aric’s as they share an event that was far from being a smooth ride.


Few have lived to tell the tale of surviving an X-O armour. This alone proves to be a qualification of the highest regard. This issue tells the origin of Reebo the leader of the modern Armour Hunters. It recalls how he and his partner were asked to take on a job fit for an army. At first Reebo was more concerned about the money until Malgam cast the money aside, seeing this job as an opportunity to cement their tag-team into the history books. After their client pleaded his case a little longer these two men went out to prove that they are indeed an army of two. They had been tasked with bringing down an enemy powerful enough to level planets on its own and accepted the task gladly.


This builds up for a great first encounter as Reebo and Malgam see the true nature and power of the X-O armour, capable of shrugging off the heaviest of artillery. This allows for some great action packed pages that feature stellar art and colouring. The pencilling and character design is great. The main characters of the book are presented well, their expressions are easy to identify and the actions scenes flow well from panel to panel. Valiant really uses some great colouring in the X-O Manowar series, giving the book an intergalactic feel that manages to keep the characters believable even if they are ridiculous looking extra-terrestrials.

This issue is a great one that tells an origin that will most likely continue in the pages of issue 27. It is always great to learn that little bit extra about your hero’s enemy, especially as they are due to go head to head. Little does Aric know that Reebo has encountered the X-O Armour before and survived. Will Aric be able to withstand the threat of this Intergalactic task force or has our hero finally met his match?


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