Storyline: A

Artwork: A

All this time we thought that Aric was the sole owner of the X-O armour, a unique sentient suit that granted the Visigoth the strength to free his people from the alien slaver known as the vine. But what if Aric’s armour was not unique? What if there was someone or something else with armour of its own?

Since getting his armour back Aric has been forced to make the greatest sacrifice of all, giving up Dacia in exchange for the safety of his people. Now the Visigoth are living in peace within Nebraska, but this peace comes at a price as the U.S. Government have forced Aric to do their bidding.

Aric is sent to investigate a collision caused by Vine debris that has been lost in space. The Chinese Space Station could not have been more wrong. What they had thought was merely debris was in fact an alien ship carrying a very dangerous passenger on board; a passenger with a very familiar colour scheme.

This issue features some great writing paired up with some hand to hand combat. Aric even manages to show a little of his fun side, something that he has not shown often in this series. Whilst he takes flight to the stars, he gives the U.S. Government a view of the moon, letting them know that even though he is doing their bidding he is not happy about it, nor conquered. However, this new alien threat brings with it some knowledge of the armour, a knowledge that can only be made whole once Aric is defeated and stripped of his armour.

Once again the art in this issue is of great quality, the colours are vibrant and the armours on display look fluid and sentient as they should. The background colours really lend to the story in this one as the dark frames let you feel the vast darkness of space. The amount of effort put into facial detail is great as well. You can recognise expressions easily, even when some are shown under the visor of the Visigoth.

This issue aims to introduce a worthy adversary for Aric. Not many have been able to stand toe-to-toe with our protagonist. Many fights have ended before they even began thanks to Aric’s experience as a warrior paired up with the most advanced weapon in the galaxies. But now it would seem as though Aric might have met his match as he faces an opponent that not only knows more about X-O, but is unable to live without it.

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