Storyline: A+

Artwork: A

We travel back into history to a time when the Romans attempted to take Darcia from the Visigoth. X-O Manowar #0 gives us a better idea about who the man inside the armor is, we see the protagonist before his intertwine with the vine.


The comic opens with Aric and Gafti slaying the wounded Romans, the Roman army had attempted to take their land but fell short due to Aric and his father’s efforts and craftsmanship. Aric shows the reader that his character has not changed with time, that he was and is true to himself at all times, irrespective of just how the world around him has changed. The vine threat receives no mention in this early stage of humanities existence, the peopleof Darcia believe that the Romans are the ultimate threat to Darcia and thanks to this issue we can see just what the Visigoths are capable of doing when they work towards a common goal. We then jump to present day as we get briefed with Aric’s next mission; he just barely survived the Armor Hunters and now he is on his way to South Africa as he prepares for the Armorines.


The art is spectacular, the reader gets to witness some epic and brutal action scenes as the Visigoth go head to head with the Romans in this issue, blood is spilled with no remorse; as Aric and Gafti go about counting those that fall victim to their blades. The issue looks great as it is presented with strong colours that complement the tone exponentially. The lines of the illustrations are clear, making facial expressions easy to identify and action scenes easy to follow from page to page.

This zero is a great one that does more than simply get the job done; we get to delve a little more into Aric’s history as we see just who he is and what he has been through. This issue then shows us the present day, where we see a man unchanged by the trials and tribulations of love, death and war. This issue is the perfect break between arcs as it not only entertains… it also educates.


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