X-Men: Schism Part 5

Written by

Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Adam Kubert
Digital Inks: Mark Roslan
Colourist: Jason Keith

Story: Can Cyclops and Wolverine reconcile their differences and strengthen the X-Men in their fight against the Hellfire Club or will they destroy each other and the X-Men in their personal battle?

I picked up this last edition of ‘Schism’ not sure what the overall story was. I soon learned that the X-Men we have known and loved for decades will be dramatically altered and this five part mini-series captures that evolution. The world has grown cold towards mutants more than ever before and a new evil organisation known as, ‘The Hellfire Club’-made up of evil rich kids-has been behind this new siege against the X-Men.

The last issue of ‘Schism’ is basically a setup for the new ‘X-Men-Regenesis’ launch. In it we see the end result of Cyclops and Wolverine’s opposing ideologies regarding their young recruits. Cyclops believes that with the young mutants they should all make a stand and fight against their enemies whereas Wolverine believes these young mutants should not sacrifice their lives so easily. Hence the book shows Cyclops and Wolverine locked in a deadly battle with each other and against the deadliest sentinel they have ever faced. ‘Regenesis’ will follow the paths these two characters take after the events in ‘Schism’.

Aaron creates quite a dramatic showdown despite the straight forward premise of the saga. The action is well captured in wordless, jump-cut filled panels that are juxtaposed with intense dialogue that help to heighten the drama .The Hellfire Club does seem a bit of an odd invention in the X-Men universe, so too the alien slugs, which seem far-fetched in the reality based world of the X-Men. A fair amount of playful story telling abounds in the series and Adam Kubert’s artwork too has a playful, cartoonish quality to it. The art does detract from the serious, dramatic nature of the story but it all seems plausible due to the strong character based script.

If you follow this series then this last release offers no new revelations but it’s fun and enjoyable nonetheless.

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