x #23 review

Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Arcadia has been destroyed, but its protector has not given up hope. The city has become lawless and X makes it known that he is present in Arcadia and that the Swine Revolution does not scare him at all.

x #23 review comic

Since Arcadia has been destroyed, some opportunists pounced upon the weak by introducing a new powerful drug on the streets. The drug is known as Sangre, aka Pig’s Blood, and it promises to give users a high like no other. The drug poured into their pupils and the addicts look like they suffer from Ebola as their eyes bleed.

X is a vigilante and he does not take lightly to those that prey on the weak. The issue opens with him making his presence known as he prepares to launch an attack on the leader of the Swine Revolution. Gundog, the leader, has never been seen without his mask. It is rumoured that he has super powers of his own. But with his regenerative abilities, X fears no man other than himself.

This story is great. The reader finally gets to find out why X has one eye, even though he has the ability to regenerate. This insight allows us to get to know him a little better as he is finally opening up thanks to his partner Leigh. The action sequences in this issue are great. They are gritty and realistic. No fancy acrobatics, this is street fighting at its best. We get to learn of another vigilante that has benefited thanks to X and his genetics. This sets up for a great story that will have an action packed conclusion, by the looks of things.

The art is detailed, dark and gritty; the perfect recipe for a successful vigilante comic. Arcadia looks and feels rough. The city has been destroyed and the art really emphasises it. The colouring works well at indicating soot and dust from destroyed buildings. The only bright colours in this gritty issue are gunfire and flames. This allows for some rather graphic and action packed fight sequences.

Overall, this is a great read. The story is realistic and gives us a look into the complex mind of the lead character. The dialogue is great and complements the awesome visuals on display. If you are a fan of The Punisher or Kick Ass, this vigilante story is on par.

x #23 review comic book

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