X #15 Review

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

The violent vigilante known as X finds himself in the crossfire caught between a war of the underworlds most dangerous men. But with a new gang known as “The Chosen” our anti-hero has no idea that the leader of this new gang is an enemy like no other. X is about to learn that gate-crashing a party may get you a vicious beating!

X #15 review

This series is dark, gritty and violent…the recipe for a perfect action title, X is a great vigilante. Much like The Punisher, X sees the world as black and white with no grey areas. If you are a criminal he will not hold back, in fact he will most likely enjoy executing low life criminals. When it comes to X, you are lucky to get one strike, get a second and you are crossed out for life.

This issue opens with X interrogating one of the members of “The Chosen” he attempts to foil a meeting between their leader and Carmine Tango, the main mobster that X would love to cross off of his list. We get to see a bit of the techniques that this vigilante uses to extract information out of the hardest of criminals. You also get a glimpse into the dark mind of a vigilante that enjoys the thrill of punishing crime. The second part introduces the self-righteous, pompous powerhouse that leads “The Chosen” and it is clear to see that being chosen means far more than just being a power hungry racist.

X #15 review

The art is dark and gritty, really matching the tone of the comic, with majority of the book being dark, the flashes of red as blood flows is easily recognisable. The art makes use of a lot of dark shading, this works well and you do not think that details are being lost at all. Close ups on character faces are highly detailed and so are the backgrounds.

X #15 is a great place to pick up, you can get straight into the story with this one as it introduces a brand new villain. A threat like no other, X might have finally met his match as he takes on a man that has no fear, remorse or feelings.

X #15 review

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