Wynter Comic Book Review

Storyline: A

Artwork: A+

Wynter picks up the pace in the third issue, with Liz being hunted by an agent with more advanced apps and A.I. than her own.

Wynter Comic Book Review

With an Agent tapping into her mind, predicting her next movement, how will Liz survive? She is locked in a cell and aware of her location and because of that her executioner, Alex Grace, is on his way. This issue is literally a war of minds as Liz attempts to outwit a hunter that is hot on her trail. A battle of mind applications ensues, one in which both Alex Grace and the protagonist display just how they make use of their talents in a classic cat chasing mouse issue. In order to remain unpredictable Liz might have to do the unthinkable. Is she willing to lose her being in order to protect her freedom?

The art is easy to follow and the layouts are easier to follow. The layouts create great action scenes that flow from frame to frame keeping the pace of the issue consistent. Majority of the art in this issue is dark and character focused. Liz is always surrounded by emptiness that seems way larger than her, emphasising the fact that she is alone and that she has nobody to run to. The only time the colours brighten is when something ironic takes place. The bright colours associated with freedom and happiness is used to expose a sad truth that faces these people of a not too distant future.

Wynter #3 continues to prove that this Sci-Fi thriller is one of the best on the market at this moment in time. It is the perfect blend of stellar visuals mixed with expert writing. This story improves with each issue, leaving readers wonder just what they will be treated to next!

Wynter Comic Book Review

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