Storyline: B

Artwork: C

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is the story of Gilad Anni-Padda, a fierce immortal warrior. He possesses supreme knowledge of weaponry and combat tactics and has gathered extraordinary information over the past 6000 years. As protector of the Geomancers, he has died many times but now his wife wants him to stay with the family. Will this be possible?


The story starts off with Gilad awakening in the home of his family. He is joined by his loving children and wife who have missed him so much while he has been away on his realm duties. The family is gathered around the table for a hearty nightly meal and enjoying it all. Later the evening Gilad and Leena talk over his recent trip and Leena informs him that she sees the happiness in him when he is with the kids. She hopes that Gilad would realize that family is important and this is where he should be.

He then tells Leena about his latest enemy, Master Darque, a specialist in malicious magic and the battle he had faced. He explains that this battle brought him to his death. Leena then tries to convince Gilad one more time to stay in their small paradise but alas the attempt is not successful. Gilad then hears the cries of Slather in the outside forest, adventures out and comes across circumstances that he is not able to escape.


The artwork is nice and detailed. The red creatures and beasts are very interesting and have a real horror movie affect to them. The story is gripping. I’m curious to see how the dilemma, choosing between his family and his life as an immortal, plays out.

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