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With some Rebirth titles struggling to make a dent and others which got off to a great start suddenly losing ground, it seems like it’s all down to Wonder Woman these days. It’s strangely fitting, given her role as a diplomatic representative of her people, that her series should be doing the same job right now for DC. Thankfully, once again she’s the embodiment of dignity, grace and empathy, which she should be, and does a damn fine job in Wonder Woman #6.

Wonder Woman #6

With the story returning to her arrival in “Man’s World”, Diana encounters more problems than she imagined when her invisible jet lands on American soil. As she and Steve Trevor are taken into custody at the local naval base, her lack of understanding of the so-called civilized world and her inability to speak English lead to a fair share of misunderstandings. When Steve and Diana are separated, they experience very different levels of treatment.

Steve has to endure a physical and a debriefing, before passing on condolences to the families of his deceased platoon. Diana is printed, poses for mug shots and is placed in a detention cell. The language barrier, however, continues to be a problem as do Diana’s mysterious origins. With the military running out of options they bring in a specialist, Doctor Barbara Ann Minerva, a woman whose fate and Diana’s will be linked forever…


It’s another wonderful issue, offering an incredibly well-told – and perfectly understandable – period of Wonder Woman‘s origin story. Along with introducing Diana to the crucial characters of Etta Candy and Doctor Minerva, it details the continuing relationship between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Diana’s mix of awe and fear at modern society mirrors the way others view her. The defensive posture she takes when confronted by the military is enough to create instant sympathy with the reader, while her first experience with being photographed is both child-like and beautifully touching.

I’ve been somewhat critical of the way this title has leapfrogged the two distinct storylines currently running, yet in this issue they begin to dovetail almost seamlessly. Moments established in the Lies story arc are set up in this issue, and to great effect. While a more linear narrative would have still made more sense, the reasons for the dual arcs are becoming apparent and paying dividends.

In short Wonder Woman #6 is another great issue, and there’s still a lot to looks forward to. If you aren’t reading Wonder Woman then you’re missing out.

Wonder Woman #6: Year One Part 3 - Comic Book Review

Wonder Woman #6: Year One Part 3 - Comic Book Review

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