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Wonder Woman #23.2: First Born is one awesome read that gives us the origin of a villain told in the classic style of Greek Mythology. First Born manages to carry on with the goodness that the Wonder Woman ongoing series has been offering in the pages of the New 52!

Brian Azzarello presents to us an issue that gives us a background to the First Born, the first child of Zeus! Instead of offering a filler issue, like many of the other villain month issues, this story fits right in with the Wonder Woman on-going, as we get to know this rather disturbing individual. Wonder Woman #23.2 opens with Apollo being presented with a beaten down First Born. The King of Olympus is uncertain as to who this character is and so he asks his Oracles to tell him the story of First born. Presented in some street savvy vernacular, let’s just say that Oracles are also disguised as woman of the night.

The Oracles give us a bit of comedic relief to an otherwise dark and serious story. The reason behind Zeus and Hera abandoning him is made known. First Born was in fact sentenced to death as a baby. Instead of killing him, the witch decided to teleport him and abandon him allowing fate to decide whether he lives or dies. As a result First Born becomes raised by a pack of hyenas, creating the monster that he is today. Hence, First Born decided to devote his life to challenging the Gods and getting his father’s attention. Does he deserve your sympathy? Maybe, but only very little. In his attempts to garner the attention of the Gods he commits atrocities without any remorse. This story is filled with what you can expect of a Greek Myth; conquests, epic battles, bloodshed and muscular naked men.

The art that Aco provides is spectacular. Once the oracles tell the tale you are enthralled by the world of Greek mythology. The colours in this issue flow with the Wonder Woman on-going series, making the story feel less like a filler and more like an important addition to the series. The art differs slightly, as it should, but it lends to the story being told way back in the past. It gives the reader that primal predator feel and this is exactly what First Born is. He is a savage and brutal warrior dedicated to the destruction of those who abandoned him.

This was a spectacular read, one that deserves a mention. It does not affect Forever Evil in any way however, but it does set up for the Wonder Woman on-going comic series. Wonder Woman #23.2: First Born gives us great art that assists in birthing a new Greek legend. It will be great to see just how First Born reacts to finding Apollo as the new king of Olympus, and even greater to see what happens when he finds out that Wonder Woman has been killed. It leaves the reader with an even greater question on their mind, “Why is Zeus always making babies?”

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