Pages: 176
ISBN: 1607066939

Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

The good doctor is back and this time he is much better… Well, actually, quite the contrary. Mal Practice follows the ever enigmatic doctor as he is infected by a malicious magical parasite (after a drunken night of debauchery) by an unknown force that seeks a dangerous magical book in exchange for the cure. But being the smartass he is, Vincent and his team set out to find other means to cure himself, but things obviously aren’t going to be that easy.

Witch Doctor Volume 2. Mal Practice graphic novel

Like the book before it, Brandon Seifret gives us another fantastic Witch Doctor story. In the previous volume, Under the Knife, Seifert forced on us these incredible characters and this great story that some thought would be pretty damn hard to really beat or follow-up, but with Witch Doctor Volume 2. Mal Practice, that is proven to be quite untrue. Mal Practice is more refined than its predecessor with characters fleshed out better with a story that is more concentrated and focused.

The story itself starts big, rides that momentum and ends as it did: with a bang. More action, a broader scope and new enemies provide us with a whole new experience that keeps you captivated with every turn of the page. The pacing is fast and you won’t get a moment to breathe, which is usually a bad thing, but this time around, it works. And it works well. Seifret has really accomplished something special with these characters and the world needs more Witch Doctor magic.

Witch Doctor Volume 2. Mal Practice graphic novel review

The art is as impressive and even more so than the previous title. Lukas Ketner has improved since the last time he brought the Witch Doctor universe to visual life and you can tell from the first page already. He gives us a perfect blend between the lighter side of the world and the more macabre without compromising one for the other, which is impressive. From the illegal grounds of the Red Market (think of a black market… but with magical stuffs) to the Clive Baker inspired Surgeons to demon possessed junkies, the integrity of the arts stays solid with each panel. The colourists breathe the final burst of life into the art with work that gives this magical world just the right balance that sets the tone for each page.

Overall, this is the best book in the Witch Doctor collection. With an absolutely incredible story and art, Brandon Seifret, Lukas Ketner, Sunny Gho and Andy Troy have crafted one of the best comic books you’ll find… Anywhere. And if you disagree, I shall fight you. I shall fight you with the martial arts prowess I gained from multiple viewings of Enter the Dragon. Buy this book.

Witch Doctor Volume 2. Mal Practice

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