Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Dark Horse presents a hyper violent noir-style comic with visuals that will leave you amazed by the fact that less colour can bring out so much more, especially the gore!

The first issue puts you straight into the action as you meet The White Suits, a group that had butchered the Russians during the Cold War and have not been seen since. Well, until now that is. New York is being painted red, with the blood of maimed, mutilated and murdered mobsters. Following the case of The White Suits is an FBI agent with a strong case of amnesia, so you can only imagine how this issue concluded. Whilst packed with stunning visuals that hit your eyes from every angle, this issue is filled with information that shows a new team of White Suits in the Post-Cold War world.

The art is great as Toby Cypress shows you violence that makes use of several forms of layout and paneling. The colours are kept minimal and this just enhances the violence tenfold as rivers of red flow through the black and white imagery. There is a whole lot of detail in the penciling. It makes use of out of proportion shapes and sizes, but this technique of imagery makes sense and compliments the warped nature of this visceral venture. The layout flows from panel to panel making this read feel rather rushed, but it also alludes to the swift nature of The White Suits. They swoop in, complete objectives, then leave…often without witnesses.

The White Suits #1 is an enjoyable read that will leave you with a sense of awe. Whilst the conclusion to this issue seemed rather predictable, it still looks as though this series will be a promising one. If you are a fan of over the top violence of the Kick Ass nature, this is definitely a read worth looking into. With a good plot, crazy hyper violent imagery and Cold War references, this is definitely a title that will suit the genre.

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