Storyline: C-

Artwork: B

Thanks to Holly, Rick has had to put a new plan together; a plan that has divided his forces and left chances for opportunists. But this will not happen, not on Maggie’s watch!

After the epic climax of the previous issue, we are left rather disappointed by this rather sub-standard issue. Just as Neegan got a little bit more awesome, he does not even follow on in this issue. Instead, on the cover and at the centre of it all we have Gregory. Honestly, who even remembers Gregory? Is he the guy that Rick took the camp from? Heck, I can’t remember. The only reason why Gregory is in the picture is so that Maggie can give her speech on why it is important that the group does not give in to Neegan and the Saviours. Gregory on the other hand is trying to convince the group to go against Rick and accept Neegan as their leader before it is too late. This forces Maggie to take a stand and remind them about Glen and his suffering at the hands of Neegan and Lucille.

Then all of a sudden the reader is being narrated to by Ezekiel. It is a completely confusing shift and it is the first time narration has occurred in a title that is known for giving you that stream of consciousness; live action feel. Everything has been first person up until this issue, one which has already let you down by substituting a Neegan follow up with a Gregory re-emergence. I thought Gregory was actually a zombie when he lurked into the frame! Ezekiel’s narration tells us of his group’s battle against the Saviours and how it ends up in him losing his best friend.

The art is still what you can expect of Walking Dead, Charlie Adlard’s pencilling, however, is not as great in all of the frames in this issue. Emotions are still easy to read but there is some serious wasting happening in #118. For example, spreading Maggie’s face across two pages? This makes you think that the bi-monthly switch is becoming too much for the team of The Walking Dead to handle.

This has got to be the most disappointing Walking Dead issue in a long time. It just felt like it was being used as a filler issue. Had they followed up with Neegan and Holly it could have made for a more interesting read, whilst making the reader question whether they actually like Neegan or not. But one thing is for sure I am a fan.

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