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“All Out War” is exactly what the 116th issue of The Walking Dead offers. Prepare for lots of action. The war continues.

Neegan and Rick have failed to reach an agreement and it looks like Rick will have to come at him the hard way. This issue shows that he has got a plan well thought out this time round. At this stage Neegan seems to think that Rick is bluffing. He is totally unaware of Rick’s combat experience and this has worked out in favour of our protagonist.

The Walking Dead #116 gives us two things that have been left out the last few issues; we get fast paced action and zombies galore. Previous issues contained more dialogue in order to build up to the events of “All Out War”. In order to fluster Neegan, Rick has decided to use the enemy that they know so very well strategically and forces Neegan out of his bunker.

For once Neegan seems quite flustered. His expressions shows that he might have underestimated Rick. With hordes of zombies brought into the battlefield it would seem that Rick has a slight advantage, but all is lost when Holly feeds herself to Neegan as a sacrificial lamb. She did not want Rick to sacrifice himself and after using her signature crippling crotch kick she completes Rick’s plan. She did not plan on surviving, nor did she plan on being face to face with the enemy!

So who has the advantage here? Read the issue and judge for yourself, but there is no clear forerunner in this war, in my honest opinion. It is still very early in this arc, and even though Rick has managed to flood Neegan’s bunker with zombies, he has Holly held captive and he will definitely be using her as an “ace” up his sleeve.

You can feel the difference that Stefano Gaudiano’s inking brings to this issue. It would seem that Stefano is proving that he wants to stay on board for this title, instead of only being there to assist Adlard in making his bi-weekly deadline. The details seem stronger, characters are well drawn and presented well. The edges are harsh but lend to a crisp look. The action is easy to follow and very engaging as you can see everything that is taking place, in full detail, without getting lost on the page. So do not be surprised if you find this to be a fleeting issue.

Yet another great read from the popular series. The only issue I found is that it went by so quickly, the dialogue is kept short and sweet with an abundance of brilliant, detailed imagery. You will fly through this issue and when it gets good you will turn the page to find out you have already reached the “letters” section. So be glad that this title is releasing a week earlier, as this story arc is proving to be one of the strongest ones Kirkman has offered to date.

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