Storyline: B

Artwork: B

There is only one word that can describe The Walking Dead #113 and it is “suspense”. After the events of #112 readers where left thinking, “Oh crap!” Well this issue shows just how much trouble Rick has managed to get himself into and never mind knee-deep, he is neck-deep in it when it comes to the warlord Negan.

walking dead 113 review

The Walking Dead #113 gets right into the thick of it, as Negan begins another one of his infamous perverted soliloquies. Negan is a great strategist and is one that loves to torment his prey. And this is exactly what happens to Rick in this issue. He is at the mercy of Negan. But Carl’s actions ensure that there will be no mercy for Rick and his group. We all know that Kirkman is not afraid to kill characters off and with so many altercations happening at the same time, the reader cannot help but feel that someone is about to kick the bucket at any moment. This leads to one tension filled read that features a brutal fight sequence between certain characters, whilst Negan tests the solidarity of Rick’s Alexandria group. Prepare to see a resilient but vulnerable Rick, who knows that his actions may have just cost his group their very own existence. Negan no longer wants their food and weapons, he wants their lives. Also, Lucille is about to tee off at any moment to keep her lover happy.

walking dead #113 review

The art is what you expect of The Walking Dead. Nothing new is introduced artistically. However, the book features some brutal scenes and a great detailed focus on Lucille the punisher. Majority of the book is focused on the emotions of characters as Negan torments them with his strategic views on execution. This is drawn perfectly and really places emphasis on the fact that Rick’s impromptu actions were unnecessary, especially after all of the previous issues of plotting and planning.

The Walking Dead #113 makes for an entertaining read and this is all because of the sadistic and perverted mind of the villain. While Negan is probably Rick’s most formidable foe, the reader cannot help but like him. He is not shy to kill and punish, yet he seems to have a warped sense of honour and a great strategic mind. Prepare for a cliff hanger of an ending as Kirkman drags out this clash between these two formidable opponents.


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