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Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Based on the animated series, which was based on a successful online RPG game of the same title, Wakfu follows Hugo and his group of friends.


The group have to battle the infamous Nox as she tries to steal Yugo’s Wakfu in order to create a machine that will allow him to travel back into time so that he can change history. Meanwhile Yugo, the orphan, is on a quest to find his family on the distant Island of Oma.

Not being too familiar with the franchise, I was drawn to reading this book the minute I saw the art. It has an anime look and feel that is just bursting with vibrant colours, making the art very attractive to the reader’s eye. The book follows from the anime, so it offers a little recap on events thus far. Then it gives a biography on each character, as well as their game stats.

This issue does a great job of introducing you to the cast and showing off some of their characteristics. As the group continues their journey they stumble across an amusement park which offers them more than what they bargained for. The story aims to entertain, so it is not to be taken seriously. The interactions between the characters in this group of misfits are what makes for some memorable moments in this issue and ultimately create a fun filled read.

As mentioned, the amusement park is much more than what it seems and these characters are totally unaware of the actual situation that they are in. Princess Amalia has a not so secret admirer and he plans on making her his by any means possible.

Wakfu is a fun read filled with great pencilling and colouring. If the story does not impress you the art truly will. It is highly detailed, perfectly coloured and makes cartoony like drawings and expressions look cool again. It is a nice breath of fresh air and a great debut as this franchise extends its brand into the comic realm.


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