Storyline: B

Artwork: B-

Just when you thought you have seen and read it all, enter Voracious, a “culinary” comic unlike any other.


Voracious tells the story of Nate Willner, a protagonist with a lot on his plate. With his dreams of being a chef tossed into the dump, Nate finds himself working behind the Bar of a local café. But all this is about to change when he inherits more than he bargained for.

Nate soon finds out that his benefactor, his late uncle, lived the life of a hermit for a reason. He had been tinkering with time and it is only a matter of time before Nate finds himself doing the same thing. Travelling through time Nate finds his future in the past – as he discovers that Dinosaurs are delicious. In Voracious #2 it would seem that Nate and his “rare” meats have garnered quite a following. He has a successful restaurant and all seems well. But this issue shows us the dangers that our chef faces when he has to catch the creatures on the menu. Readers will witness some epic man vs dinosaur moments as Nate finds himself catching his very own ingredients.

The issue is drawn quite well. The book is filled with colour and detail. The dinosaurs look great and rather vicious, but the art could be stronger in parts. Expressions are easy to follow and understand but I am left feeling that the story outweighs the art.

Voracious is definitely a unique read. It is easy to get into and offers some great entertainment. This is creativity at its finest.


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