Storyline: B

Artwork: B

It has been hundreds of years since the decommissioning of Voltron. The Galaxy has been free of any threat and peace has prevailed. All this changes, thanks to the arrival of a brand new threat. Now Voltron will be needed once more in order to battle Haggar the Mother of Monsters. With a new Voltron comes a new crew, but will they be up to the challenge?


Being issue five, we find ourselves in the thick of things. You would definitely need to read back in order to understand the characters and their personalities a little bit more. This issue showcases the talents of the new pilots as they demolish the Robeast threat without much difficulty. This new crew looks capable and promising. Then the issue recaps as it journeys into the past in order to highlight the fall of Voltron and the 200 years that passed following the final battle of Voltron, a battle in which only one pilot survived and lived to tell the tale.

The art is good. It is filled with detail, however, it is truly the Voltron Mech that shines when it is illustrated and coloured. The people in the book look less impressive. Whilst they do boast some detail, they simply looking unimpressive and less appealing and this definitely takes the reader away from focusing on the pilots and their characteristics. Also, some colours simply do not complement each other on some of the pages. As a result, the art is good but far from great.

This is a comic that is definitely one for the Voltron fans. Sure it brings about some nostalgia upon reading it, but if you do not like Voltron and the story it tells then this is not going to impress you.


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