Vision Machine

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Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

Writer: Greg Pak
Pencils: RB Silva
Inks: Alexandre Palomaro, DYM, Jonas Trinidade
Colours: Java Tartaglia, Chris Summers

Story: In the year 2061, a company called Sprout Computers invents a device called the iEye-a pair of glasses that enables people to record and edit their thoughts and dreams. Three broke, film students, Dave, Buddy and Jane are thrilled with this new invention. They move quickly and fully exploit the possibilities of the device. The technology creates problems for the government which tries to regulate it but eventually abuses the technology for fascist means. Sprout, on the other hand, seeks total control of peoples’ thoughts and a memory to generate revenue eliminating freedoms once taken for granted. Can Dave, Buddy and Jane put a stop to all of it?

Pak (Planet Hulk) has written a sharp critique and commentary on social media, file-sharing and technology in the modern age. He highlights the right-wing approach of government regulation and nefarious corporate manipulation and greed and highlights the dangers of the modern tech-industry. The story seems plausible and follows a sober course of events that mirror developments in society today. How much access should social media sites and companies have and how do you stop governments from imposing laws that can be used to access private information and knowledge?

While it is cutting edge it can be equally confusing to follow the overall story when it switches between the real world and cyber constructs. The artwork is glossy and smooth but maybe too simple and plain. Still, Silva has a great eye for framing and composition. Vision Machine is a pleasant read that touches on topical issues and manages to be futuristic yet current at the same time.

Get it for free at or get a hard copy for ten bucks at Readers Den.

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