Storyline: A+

Artwork: A+

Agent Templeton resumes her personal mission to find out exactly why Agent X-14 was murdered. Her journey leads her to cross paths with a Yugoslavian Military General as the truth slowly begins to unravel.

Ed Brubaker is a spy-fiction genius who shows his flair for the genre with impressive dialogue and subject matter in Velvet #3. Everything in this spy-thriller seems authentic and realistic. We are not dealing with super humans. Instead, we are dealing with characters that have been trained and practiced until they became masters of the skillset given to them. This issue is an engaging read that will grasp you from its opening. It is action packed and contains every aspect one would expect from the spy genre… yes, even some nudity. The beauty of this issue is that it still manages to remain true to this popular genre of the 60s and 70s whilst offering a fresh unique story.

Although the dialogue plays a major part to this issue, this story is still action packed and graphic. The illustrations are just amazing as Epting proves once again that he and Brubaker are one heck of a tag team when it comes to the creation of comic masterpieces. Character movements are clean and natural; at no point does a single image feel static or out of proportion. Facial expressions are kept clear and easy to relate to. You can honestly feel the emotions of characters within this issue. Epting’s pencilling is backed up with impressive colouring by Elizabeth Breitweiser; the colouring really sets the tone in this issue as you find yourself drawn into the life of a secret agent.

With the story being so entertaining you will fly through the pages in this issue as one frame leads to another intriguing frame. This is a fast paced issue which you might need to read twice in order to grasp it in its full glory – even though there is one frame I am sure many readers will be pausing upon for closer inspection. Velvet is an impressive series that really shows the versatility that Image has on offer. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting give us one of their finest works to date. This issue is one that cannot be missed, especially if you are following this series already!

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