Main Characters:
Pages: 48
ISBN: 978-1-60690-853-2

Storyline: B+

Artwork: A

Vampirella gets star treatment this month as she celebrates her comic debut anniversary in style. This special over-sized issue is made up of a few short stories, each having a different creative team. This issue is the ideal chance to get to know this character and what she is about.


This is the first Vampirella comic that I have ever read. I know the character but I have never attempted to understand her. This Anniversary issue was perfect. Each writer gives you the gist of the character whilst explaining her origins as well.

In 1969 a refugee alien sought to make Earth her new home. In her first attempt to get to know the natives of the planet Earth she realised that the evil of man is real. That the human race would need protection from, not only the mystical and mythical, but from itself. The stories give us a different look at the inherent evil that plagues man; the false gods, the drugs, the abuse, the brainwashing and the ill treatment of women. These stories, although short, are told in just the right pace and they match the tone of the tale that unfolds.


The art is simply stunning! The creative teams bring their own talent to the fore. Although you can clearly see the difference in the art, each time a story changes, the idea works very well. Mercy’s Lullaby is definitely one of the better artistic displays as it gives the Vampirella comic a totally different look, feel and appeal. While each art style really lends to the story being told, Mercy’s Lullaby will definitely leave an impression on the reader.
Thanks to this issue, I got the opportunity to learn a lot about this character. I learned about her origins, her powers, her strengths and her personality. All this was achieved in less than fifty pages. I would recommend this comic to any Vampirella fan and Vampirella newbies, such as myself.


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