Storyline: B

Artwork: A

Valiant’s major cross over title takes a turn when team UNITY go up against the man that united them in the first place… Toyo Harada!

It did not take long for the team to find out that Harada had other plans which involved the use of the X-O Armour. Toyo plans to use the armour for what he claims is the good of all humanity, however the rest of the team are less than enthusiastic about his plan. The remaining members of UNITY decide to stage a Coup‘d Etat against their team leader, a Coup that will free the X-O Armour from being in his grasp.

This issue is a little less story focused and more all-out action, the only dialogue between characters is used to intensify battles mostly. There is a bit of narration at the start and at the conclusion of the issue but other than that the dialogue is limited to fight scenes. The fight scenes are where the book truly shines, Braithwaite does a great job of stepping up the pace making the fights seem adrenaline charged. Everything is happening so quickly as Toyo has to face face waves of opponents in order to prevent them from stealing the X-O armour. The penciling is flawless and the colouring works well and allows the reader to feel the heat of the battle.

The only drawback is the rather anti climatic conclusion that it offers. I would have loved to see so much more happen, or an epic return of the X-O armour to Aric. Instead, it comes across as half-hearted a golden opportunity lost. Make no mistake about it this issue is definitely worth the read, especially if you have been following this major title, but I do think the conflict between Harada and his former allies could have been stretched out over a few more issues. It would have still kept up the pace and made things interesting. The fate of the X-O armour just felt too rushed. Where the story goes to from here will be interesting.

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